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it’s a promise


It’s a promise.

Visiting Rome will have a profound and lasting effect on you.

Come and experience:


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Villa d’Este












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Apollo e Dafne











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GraceFilled Moments











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Trevi Fountain











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Yes, Beauty text



You will see beauty everywhere here in Rome.
In these troubled times we need it more than ever.
Beauty nourishes our soul, elates us and
takes us to higher realms we would never have imagined we could experience.




That is also a promise.


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Meet the guide


Meet the licensed guide and artist.


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Our Team


Eugene Hertoghe

Eugene Hertoghe


Being taken on a private tour with Eugene is a truly enjoyable, exciting and stimulating experience. His enthusiasm for Rome and his passion for art and beauty are very contagious. Eugene is qualified to guide in English, French, Dutch and Italian.

Eugene also works as a visual artist: when he is not guiding people through Rome, you can find him on a filmset or at a photo shoot. Take a look at his portfolio by clicking here.

He lives just outside of Rome in the Frascati hills, in a house in the midst of olive groves and vineyards. Eugene enjoys his long runs with Apollo (the neighbour’s Great Dane), his daily yoga practices and the Italian “love of life”.






“Best tour guide ever!”  by Tamara Q. – Australia

As part of our tour of the colosseum and also of Vatican City, my sister and I (and the rest of our tour group) were fortunate enough to have Eugene Hertoghe as our tour leader for both places – and we were just blown away by his knowledge, wit and absolute passion for the places he was describing. Very rarely do you come across a local tour guide who is so well informed and passionate about his job and is able to describe situations and places so accurately that it makes you feel as though you were actually there in that time period. He was engaging and interactive with everyone in our group and asked us questions and information to keep us on our toes the whole time. It was a pleasure to have him as a tour guide and I thoroughly recommend him for anyone looking for a great local guide at these places.

“Great Guide” by Marc C. – United Kingdom

Our guide Eugene was very informative and very eager to please everyone in the group but above all has a great sense of humour.

“Lovely Eugene…” by Purple T. – United Kingdom

Our Guide Eugene took a group of around 15 of us on a Vatican tour of about 2.3 hours.. It was very informative and enjoyable…would recommend with confidence!

“Eugene Hertoghe is the most amazing tour guide!” by Frederic

Eugene Hertoghe was our English speaking tour guide on Monday afternoon 15:30. (I believe he also does tours in other languages).
He was engaging, jokey, gave us information beyond what you’d get in a guidebook.
The tour enabled us to queue jump and get in really quickly. Saw some amazing sculptures, painting and ended in the Sistine chapel. From there we got to go into the Basilica through a back access and made our our way through the basilica. As you can imagine the sights are impressive but Eugene’s charm, humour and professionalism was the icing on the cake. Loved it! Enjoy.

“Fantastic tour” by Laura

I had a wonderful time doing the Vatican walking tour with our guide Eugene!
He made it extremely enjoyable and informative and you could tell how passionate he was about his job.
Could not recommend this tour more and especially having Eugene as a tour guide.

Amazing Tour of the Vatican thanks to Eugene!!! by Marcus

We met our English speaking guide for the 2 to 3 hour tour – Eugene Hertoghe. Nicest guy you could meet. A friend and I did the tour together and Eugene made everyone in the group welcomed and all aspects of the tour were amazing. Eugene has a great way of making 2 to 3 hours pass quickly and leaving you keen to know more. After the tour, later that night my friend and I ran in to Eugene while we were looking for a good place to eat. He quickly asked some local Italians and gave us some great information.  I would definitely not hesitate in recommending Eugene as your English speaking guide. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for making my first trip to Italy and Rome amazing and full of wonderful memories.

“Amazing Tour with Eugene” by Andrew

After a poor experience at the Colloseum, we were so happy with our Vatican tour. Eugene was an amazing storyteller, very engaging and even kept the curious interest attention of our 2, 10 and 9 yr old boys for 3 hours. A true feat – we all loved it. Thanks Eugene!

“Highly Informative and Entertaining Tour” by Arpit Chopra

We took a tour starting at 3.30 pm on a cold December day and our guide, Eugene Hertoghe, took us through the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and through the St Peter’s Basilica.
My wife and I had never really had enough knowledge/background to appreciate art and sculpture. But, Eugene is not just a guide, but also a true entertainer at heart. The way he presented the entire tour, he made every turn and every painting an exhilarating experience. By the end of the tour, we finally understood why Michelangelo is revered and what the Sistine Chapel can do to you.
Definitely recommend doing this if you are visiting the Vatican for the first time and, like us, are art virgins.


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For additional information about organizing your personal tour, please contact Eugene regarding fees or any other questions you might have. Call +39 389 79 33 840, email or fill out the form below: