Rome, my darling.
07 Mar 2018

Rome, my darling.

07 Mar 2018

When you go into a bar in Rome and ask for a cappuccino, very often the bartender will serve it to you saying: “Prego, cara” or “Prego, caro” (if you’re male).

“Prego, cara/caro” translates as: “Here you are, my dear, darling or sweetheart” – take your pick! They welcome you by creating an immediate loving connection.

It’s not a clever trick. That’s just who the Romans are – they dwell in the heart.


Behave like a local

Even people you meet by chance, you can greet with: “Ciao, cara(o)!” If you really like your new friend, spice it up: “Ciao, carissima(o)!” — Hello, my dearest! Don’t worry, it will not be mistaken for flirting. Unless your eyes tell another story, of course.

Other endearing words the Romans frequently use are: “Tesoro” — My treasure; “Amore” — Love; “Bellezza”— My beauty; “Ciccia(o)” — Darling; “Patatina” — Pretty, cute (literally, “little potato”); “Stellina” — My little star.

So, next time you’re leaving a bar say: “Ciao caro. Grazie, buongiorno!” — Bye, my dear. Thank you. Good day!

Take this beautiful local custom home with you. Try it. Life is in the details.


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